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Leg & Body Perfect
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Leg & Body Perfect lets you show up and show off!

Our Leg & Body Perfect is a completely opaque make up; it’s formulated to provide maximum coverage and camouflage for all kinds of skin imperfections. From birthmarks to black and blue marks...even tattoos. Stays on, even during intense physical activity, including swimming. Leg & Body Perfect is perfect for legs, arms, body, in fact, everywhere except your face!

  • Visible varicose veins & Spider Veins
  • Tattoos
  • Bruises / Black & Blue Marks
  • Age Spots / Sun Spots
  • Discolorations & Vitiligo
  • Stretch Marks
  • Birthmarks / Port Wine Stains

Product Features:

  • Dermatologist recommended
  • SPF 16
  • Won't rub off on clothing
  • No setting powder needed
  • Natural look

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Leg & Body Perfect • SPF16 • 2.25Oz. • $25.95

Leg & Body Magic Very Light Leg & Body Magic Light Beige Leg & Body Magic True Beige
Leg & Body Magic Rich Beige Leg & Body Magic Almond Leg & Body Magic Light Brown
Leg & Body Magic Soft Brown Leg & Body Magic Olive Brown Leg & Body Magic Medium Brown
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Very Light
K Janene from Burbank CA
Wow, it really works! I was very concerned that "very light" would not be light enough, since I have never-been-tanned white-white skin. I've tried other brands and their "fair skin" color was so orange! Not so with Covermark! This actually matched my skin tone really well.
I put it to the test to see if it really was smudge proof and water resistant. I took a brief dip in the pool and it didn't come off at all! After a shower (I didn't use soap on the area or scrub it) it came off slightly but it still looked really good. I even slept with it on overnight. About half of it did rub off and a little came off my bed pants. On the other hand, I do toss and turn a lot at night, so that fact that so much of it stayed on is very impressive.
Bottom line - This is such a good quality make up! I'm very happy with this product and would definitely buy it again. I highly recommend Leg Magic.
Posted at 6:20:pm 06/02/13
Leg Magic - Light Brown
Delyce Wensel
Leg Cover
Originally purchased Almond because I have fair skin. It seemed a bit light but the cover is extraordinary so decided to try a little darker and bought the Light Brown. It was too red for my skin, So, I contacted Customer Service to exchange the light brown for the almond and they readily exchanged it with no problems. I will continue to purchase items from this company. Oh ... be sure to buy the moisture cream with the cover cream. It help it stay on. The Cover Cream stays on through showers if you don't use soap or rub dry with a towel after the shower on the places you covered. In fact, it's hard to remove it so you could wear it to swim in. I also use it on my hands to cover sun spots! It works well for evening. I purchased it to be able to wear sandal heels for my wedding. It gave my legs the most flawless look. I used their powder to keep it from coming off on my clothes as well as a shiny powder to make it more appealing.
Posted at 9:09:am 04/02/13
Leg Magic - Light Beige
Amanda M
This works great anywhere on the body. I use it for covering scars and blemishes, and it really helps to blend them into my skin and make them much less noticeable. And it stays on well all day, which is great!
Posted at 8:14:am 03/26/13
Leg Magic - Light Brown
Valerie Orca
Slept with it and it still stayed overnight, washed off only when forcefully applying soap and rubbing off. Makeup didn't just run off once soap hit it. Love that and why hardly any rubbed off. Light brown is a little more pink than my gold undertone. I may have to try another color when this tube is done which may take some time being that you don't need much to cover, just depends on how much coverage is needed, light, medium, heavy...just apply more the more you want. Best it is super cost friendly.
Posted at 9:04:am 12/04/12
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